Our Gummi USA-branded couplings are specifically designed to protect critical drive train components, including shafts, gears, gaskets and bearings. They provide misalignment solutions and vibration / shock load damping, thereby extending equipment working life and reducing costly downtime.

Type A
flexible shaft coupling

The most common flexible shaft coupling, the Type A easily compensates for minor shaft misalignments and shock load damping, is easy to install and requires no lubrication.

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Type BR
Flexible shaft coupling

Designed for high torque applications and transmissions, the BR is similar to the Type A coupling but has a more compact design and better operational efficiency. It transmits a greater amount of torque while efficiently absorbing shaft misalignments, vibrations, and torque fluctuations.

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Type EZ / EZ-S
Rubber elements

Highly durable rubber elements offering remarkable flexibility in all directions. They are normally used as replacement rubber elements for the Vulkan ® manufactured EZ and EZ-S couplings.

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