Renewable energy - wind and water

Through our JHS product line, we offer lightweight, noise-free systems for braking and gliding processes in wind turbines. Noise reduction has been the core focus in the development of a comprehensive range of brakes and sliding bearings, recognising that noise prevention plays a substantial role in the overall acceptance of wind energy. These products set standards for the industry and are used worldwide by nearly all leading manufacturers of wind power plants. We also produce brakes for wave and water turbines.

Marine propulsion

Our advanced stopping, turning and locking products, components and systems for marine propulsion shafts can be found in vessels of all kinds including workboats, ferries and OSVs, warships and modern aircraft carriers, luxury yachts and some of the world's most prestigious cruise liners. Through our Dellner Gummi USA brand, we also offer a range of high quality pneumatic drum clutches and brakes for use on reverse reduction gears,  propulsion shafts and hydraulic pump drives.

Oil and offshore

Our products are typically used on oil rigs for winches and drilling equipment.

Mining and quarrying

Our brakes are hard at work in the mining industry, from large stone crushing machines to tumblers and gravel conveyor belts.

Cranes and winches

You’ll find our SKP brakes operating in heavy lifting equipment in a range of environments, from warehouses and steel mills to docksides and dredgers − and even at Stockholm’s Royal Opera House, where our brakes play their part in lifting and holding the stage lights and side scenery in place.

Pulp and paper

Dellner’s brakes can be found for example in wood chipping machines and different machines for paper and packaging manufacturing.


At Dellner Brakes, we can develop solutions for any situation where stopping, tensioning, turning or locking is needed. This includes special vehicles, marine vessels, industrial and manufacturing equipment, metal forming, test rigs, tyre manufacture, commercial washing machines, textiles and aviation ground support.

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