Automatic brake systems

Automatic brake systems

Dellner Brakes is a leading provider of brakes and related power transmission products, and automatic brake systems is an important part of our work. As an example of automatic brake systems we can mention the electrical STL (stop, turn, lock) braking system, which is a unique system, developed by us at Dellner. It is fully automated with continuous turning (eScTL). It has been developed to be environmentally friendly, and it takes up little space despite being a powerful system. It is also quick and easy to install, simple use and to maintain. STL stops a disc quickly, turns it into position for locking, and locks it securely by pushing a pin into a machined slot on the brake disc.

If you need something more compact, another example of a brake system we make is the SKP failsafe brake system, a safety brake system that is small, durable, ready to use and suitable for outdoor use.

Get your automatic brake systems from Dellner Brakes

At Dellner Brakes we have a strong reputation for technical innovation that stretches back more than 50 years, and that expertise is built into everything we do. We value our customers and therefore offer a complete range of services with our automatic brake systems, which includes consultation to establish exact requirements, close contact while developing, on site installation and full after sale support and training. The automatic brake systems are available as complete systems, but also as separate components.

If you’re in need of automatic brake systems, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also have a look at our brochure (pdf) to learn more about our products and what we do at Dellner Brakes.

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