Brake components

Brake discs and hubs

Our standard brake discs and hubs are made of steel. Other materials, sizes and customised designs can be manufactured on request.


Pillow blocks

We offer a range of high quality cast iron and steel pillow blocks for a range of applications.

  • To fit 40-100 mm shafts
  • Flame cut machined steel
  • Mounted plain or flange sleeve bearings (self lubricating with lubricating holes, or non-self lubricating
  • To fit 16-35 mm shafts
  • Flame cut machined steel
  • Teflon coated, steel backed Glacier DU mounted plain sleeve bearing
  • To fit 30-135 mm shafts
  • High quality cast iron
  • Meets DIN requirements
  • External guide machined to close tolerances
  • To fit 30-255 mm shafts
  • Flame cut, machined steel with cast iron lids and dowel pin holes
  • Meets DIN requirements
  • Rotary shaft seal ‘S’

Drums, hubs and spiders

We manufacture a wide range of mating components for Gummi USA-branded constricting clutches and brakes. Commonly referred to as iron parts, the drums, hubs and spiders for the FK, FKT and FM will interchange seamlessly with most associated applications in the marine, mining, industrial and oilfield markets.

  • Configurations: Single, dual adaptations
  • Construction: Cast iron, nodular steel, mild carbon steel, steel forgings
  • Interchangeability: Equal to Eaton Airflex® Type CB, VC, CM drums, hubs, and spiders

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