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Dellner Brakes is introducing two groundbreaking new failsafe brakes to its SKP range that, by combining terrific power with modular, lightweight design at competitive prices, are set to revolutionise the braking market.

Precision engineered in Sweden, the new spring applied SKP failsafe brakes are designed to quickly stop rotary or linear motion in various applications such as cranes, winches, conveyors, deck machinery, draglines, wind turbines, oil rigs (draw works) and other machinery.

The new SKP 180, weighing in at just 315 kg, delivers braking force from 141 kN up to 226 kN through two brake housings, each containing a powerful spring applied piston. The SKP 4 x 180, weighing 630 kg, combines two brake assemblies containing a total of four pistons to deliver braking force of up to 453 kN.

Dellner has also developed an offshore version of the brake, with corrosion protection and hard wearing paint and pistons that are specially designed to withstand harsh conditions.

The new SKP’s innovative modular design also means that Dellner can provide larger systems, combining several brake assemblies or customised housings with several pistons, to deliver even more braking power, tailored specifically for customers’ needs.

The new brakes are being launched at TOC 2017 in Amsterdam (27 to 29 June), where Dellner Brakes will be joining forces with sister Swedish company Dellner Dampers, which manufactures customised hydraulic dampers and buffers – so, for the very first time, visitors to TOC Europe will be able to see the wide range of high quality, precision engineered safety products available from Dellner, all in one place.

Dellner Brakes CEO Marcus Aberg said: “Innovation is at the heart of what we do here at Dellner, and these new SKP brakes are no exception.  They have been developed in response to customer demand for a failsafe brake that’s lightweight and compact, but doesn’t compromise on strength or stopping power, and we are confident that this revolutionary design will set new standards in the market.

“This is our first time at TOC Europe, and we are really looking forward to introducing Dellner Brakes and our products to terminal and port operators attending the show.”

The brakes come with a range of optional extras including mounting brackets; double sealing kits; brake pads made from several different friction materials; indicators that show brake pad wear, whether the brake is ON or OFF or needing adjustment; micro and/or proximity switches and electrical control boxes. The brakes feature cylindrical guide pins that transmit the tangential braking force from the brake lining to the brake housing and mounting stand. As a result, the brake pistons are not subject to any radial forces, which makes the brakes and the cylinder seals last much longer.

As the brake lining wears, an extension of the brake piston through the adjustment nut indicates that adjustment is needed. The disc spring can be adjusted to compensate and maintain full brake capacity.

These new brakes are the latest in a long line of innovations from Dellner Brakes which includes the launch last year of the world’s very first fully automated electrical ‘stopping, turning and locking’ (eSTL) system (patent pending).

To find out more about the new SKP brakes and the full range of safety brakes, dampers and buffers available from Dellner Brakes and Dellner Dampers, visit them at TOC Europe 2017 on stand A32 from 27 to 29 June.

Notes to editors
  • Dellner Brakes AB braking systems and components are precision made in Sweden, where the company has been developing innovative braking solutions since the 1960s, bringing over 50 years of experience to the marine, offshore and industrial markets. Dellner Brakes AB is part of the Dellner group of companies, which has more than 700 employees worldwide.
  • Dellner’s world leading products are used by a wide range of industries across the globe in applications of all sizes, from compact winches to ocean going liners. The company’s expertise, focus on innovation and flexibility allows it to offer its customers systems that are fit for purpose, from high end technically advanced systems to stand alone braking units in high volume units or as individual, customised solutions.
  • Dellner Brakes AB is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and its cutting edge design, robust assembly and precision testing produces reliable systems of the highest quality.
  • Dellner work closely with their customers to keep them coming back time after time, and work with expert contractors to guarantee their customers a rapid response, prompt service and quick delivery. From their two large stock facilities, Dellner can ship any spare part to anywhere in the world within just 24 hours.

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