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Dellner Brakes has launched the world’s first fully automated, electrical ‘Stop, Turn, Lock’ (eSTL) braking system at September’s SMM 2016 international marine fair in Hamburg.

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The Dellner eSTL system (patent pending) is compact and needs no additional piping, making it quick, easy and cost effective to install – especially where space is at a premium. It’s simple to use, hard wearing and easy to maintain, and it’s perfect for applications where a clean environment is paramount or for use in green shipping zones.

The system is available in a range of standard sizes but it can also be customised for different applications. The unique, modular ‘Stopping, Turning, Locking’ system allows customers to choose one, two or all three functions to create a bespoke solution for their needs.

Marcus Åberg, Dellner Brakes AB CEO, said: “Our new eSTL system the latest in a long line of innovative, technically advanced and precision made braking systems that fully complements Dellner’s world beating hydraulic solutions.

“We have held initial discussions with our customers about this new electrical system and we are delighted with the response so far. Our customers tell us that they value the flexibility of Dellner’s STL system, which allows them to pick and choose from the three components to suit their specific needs, and that eSTL will give them even more choice for small and mid-range applications.”

The Dellner eSTL system is fully automated but it can also be operated from an optional remote hand held control, giving operators the freedom to inspect the complete system during maintenance and testing.

Here’s how it works:
  • Stop: A disc brake system stops the shaft quickly in any position.
  • Turn: After the brake has stopped the disc, an electric motor rotates the pinion so it aligns automatically and accurately with the gear wheel on the disc. A second mechanism then engages the pinion with the gear wheel and the electric motor allows the disc and connected shaft to be rotated at a variable speed to any exact position.
  • Lock: An electrically operated mechanical locking system locks the brake disc and shaft safely and securely.

The continuous turning (cT) function means the shaft can be moved to any position precisely without the need for indexing, making maintenance a whole lot easier. The variable speed motor can also run continuously for hours, so checking and testing can take place over long periods.

Our standard range offers stopping torque of up to 285 kNm, turning torque up to 119 kNm and locking torque up to 600 kNm. Higher torques are also available on Dellner’s custom built eSTL systems, that can be scaled up and adapted for specific applications.


Notes to editors

Dellner Brakes AB braking systems are precision made in Sweden, where the company has been developing innovative braking solutions since the 1960s, bringing over 50 years of experience to the marine and industrial markets. Dellner Brakes AB is part of the Dellner group of companies, which has more than 700 employees worldwide.

Dellner’s world leading products are used by a wide range of industries across the globe in applications of all sizes, from compact winches to ocean going liners. The company’s expertise, focus on innovation and flexibility allows it to offer its customers systems that are fit for purpose, from high end technically advanced systems to stand alone braking units in high volume units or as individual, customised solutions.

Dellner Brakes AB is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and its cutting edge design, robust assembly and precision testing produces reliable systems of the highest quality. Dellner work closely with their customers to keep them coming back time after time, and work with expert contractors to guarantee their customers a rapid response, prompt service and quick delivery. From their two large stock facilities, Dellner can ship any spare part to anywhere in the world within just 24 hours.

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