LSST: Keeping an eye on the night sky

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Dellner Brakes is delighted to be providing brakes for a brand new wide-field survey reflecting telescope, which is currently being constructed for AURA, the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy.

LSST mount assembly

Working closely with international engineering group GHESA – Empresarios Agrupados, the new Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) is being fitted with 10 Dellner SKP brakes – eight SKP 95-17s and two SKP 95-09 SAs – which will act together to keep the telescope securely and safely in position.

The telescope has an enormous 8.4 metre primary mirror and a 3.2 gigapixel camera – the largest digital camera ever built – which will produce the deepest and widest image of the universe by photographing the entire available sky every few nights.

The LSST will be mounted at the top of the 2,682 metre Cerro Pachón mountain in the Coquimbo Region of northern Chile, alongside the existing Gemini South and Southern Astrophysical Research Telescopes.

Artist’s impression of the LSST

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Images courtesy of LSST Project/NSF/AURA and UTE LSST TMA

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