Dellner Brakes to take over Pintsch Bubenzer Nordic operations

janeDellner Brakes

Dellner Brakes is taking over business operations for all Pintsch Bubenzer products in the Nordic region.

Dellner Brakes and Pintsch Bubenzer are both part of the global Dellner Bubenzer Group.

Dellner Brakes’ teams, based at their engineering centre in Borlänge, Sweden and their established operation in Finland, are taking over the sales, management and support of Pintsch Bubenzer products for new and existing customers in the Nordic region, covering Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

Marcus Aberg, Chief Executive Officer for Dellner Brakes, said: “The Nordic region is a core market for us, with Dellner Brakes having been launched in Sweden by Master of Science Jan Dellner over 50 years ago. There’s nothing our expert engineers don’t know about braking systems, and we are looking forward to embedding Pintsch Bubenzer’s products in these markets, backed as always by the outstanding service that customers have come to expect from Dellner Brakes.”

Pintsch Bubenzer is a leading brand in the harbour container cranes and materials handling markets, which dovetails perfectly with Dellner Brakes’ outstanding pedigree in marine, industrial, oil and gas.

The Pintsch Bubenzer product range includes high quality disc, drum and motor mounted brakes that can be used for emergency stopping or as service brakes to hold loads safely, energy absorbing buffers, couplings, control systems and the patented BUEL® electrohydraulic thruster, that’s principally used as a brake release device in industrial disc and drum brakes.

For more information, please contact

Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland

Anton Jonsson, email, tel +46 70-366 61 72


Jaakko Miekkala, email, tel +358 404 19 10 19