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The HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, which arrived at her home port of Portsmouth last week, is fitted with two Dellner Brakes ‘stopping, turning, locking’ (STL) systems that, weighing in at 11,000kg each, are the biggest STL systems that Dellner Brakes has ever built.

Dellner Brakes’ largest ever STL system, for the QE Class aircraft carriers

Each of the carrier’s two propeller shafts is fitted with a custom-designed Dellner Brakes STL system that allows operators to stop, hold and securely lock each shaft independently, and to individually turn the shafts and giant 33 tonne propellers for maintenance and blade assembly. The STL system is operated from a push button control panel that integrates fully with other on-board systems.

Dellner Brakes CEO Marcus Åberg said: “Dellner Brakes has been working with Rolls-Royce to supply braking systems to the UK Royal Navy for over a decade. We are extremely proud to see our STL systems fitted on HMS Queen Elizabeth, and also on her sister ship HMS Prince of Wales.

“At 280 metres long and weighing 65,000 tonnes, the new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers are not only the biggest and most powerful surface warships ever built for the Royal Navy, they are also the most technologically advanced. At Dellner Brakes, we pride ourselves on continued technical innovation and we are delighted to be associated with this prestigious project.”

Each Dellner STL system comprises a ø2.3m brake disc, three SKD 4×125 hydraulic disc brakes delivering a total braking torque of 800 kNm and three

One of the QE Class 33 tonne propellers

LM70 hydraulic locking mechanisms delivering a total locking torque of 1,660 kNm. The systems have been custom designed and approved according to Lloyds Register Rules & Regulations for Naval Ships.

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Notes to editors
  • Dellner Brakes’ market leading STL system is also fitted in the UK Royal Navy’s type T45 destroyers.
  • Dellner Brakes AB braking systems and components are precision made in Sweden, where the company has been developing innovative braking solutions since the 1960s, bringing over 50 years of experience to the marine, offshore and industrial markets. Dellner Brakes AB is part of the Dellner group of companies, which has more than 700 employees worldwide.
  • Dellner’s world leading products are used by a wide range of industries across the globe in applications of all sizes, from compact winches to ocean going liners. The company’s expertise, focus on innovation and flexibility allows it to offer its customers systems that are fit for purpose, from high end technically advanced systems to stand alone braking units in high volume units or as individual, customised solutions.
  • Dellner Brakes AB is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and its cutting edge design, robust assembly and precision testing produces reliable systems of the highest quality.
  • Dellner work closely with their customers to keep them coming back time after time, and work with expert contractors to guarantee their customers a rapid response, prompt service and quick delivery. From their two large stock facilities, Dellner can ship any spare part to anywhere in the world within just 24 hours.

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