Braking system design

We offer the following services to support you in the development of your own braking systems.

  • Review of received input data
  • Determination of number, type and distribution of calipers
  • Determination of number, size and distribution of yaw drives (if changes are needed)
  • CAD modelling of yaw brake disc and possible changes to the main frame
  • Setting up a global FEM model of the complete wind turbine  to determine the deformations and resulting loading on calipers, pads and bolts
  • Strength assessment of the following components:
    Yaw brake calipers
    Main frame
    Yaw brake disc
    Bolted connection between calipers and main frame
    Lower, upper and radial brake pads
    Verification of yaw drives and yaw pinion
  • Creations of specifications of for machinery components (yaw drives and pinion) and bolts (size, number, type, pretension level and tightening method)

If you’d like to know more, please contact Michael Runde, Head of Engineering for our Wind Division

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