Disc clutches

We offer a complete line of disc clutches manufactured by WPT Power Corporation. The Power Grip PO Clutch is designed to accommodate in-line mounting for heavy duty power transmission applications.

  • Plate separators and oversize release springs ensure positive mechanical plate separation
  • No adjustments for the life of the friction material, as the diaphragm compensates for wear
  • All clutches come with mechanical lockup features for emergency use as standard
  • Large diaphragm actuator provides for more torque and minimizes release drag
  • Retained springs within the plate separator allow for easier servicing
  • Quick release valves are included on all clutches
  • 1, 2 or 3 plate constructions
  • Sizes:  PO114, PO214, PO314, PO118, PO218, PO318, PO124, PO224, PO324, PO230, PO330
  • Interchangeability:  Twin Disc® PO Type Clutches

Water cooled brakes

We offer a complete line of water cooled brakes (WCBs), which are designed for constant slip and severe high-heat braking applications. The brakes are air actuated and cooled with a continuous flow of coolant from either a closed or open loop cooling system. The air tube design is corrosion resistant and requires no special coatings or treatments. Field service is simple and error free. In addition, Retrofit kits are available to convert an existing single or dual piston actuated WCB to air tube actuation with no other modifications required.

  • 1, 2, 3, or 4 plate constructions
  • Corrosion resistant air tube actuation method
  • Sizes: 118, 218, 318, 318, 124, 224, 324, 424, 136, 236, 336, 436
  • Applications: Dynamometers, forestry / logging, towing winches, anchor handling winches, drilling equipment
  • Interchangeability:  Eaton Airflex ® WCB, WCBD

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