Type FK

The FK is well suited as a clutch or brake for a variety of high speed and low to medium torque power transmission applications where high heat generation is not a factor. Its unique design provides versatility in the element’s ability to compensate for less than perfect alignment within the driving or braking system, while delivering an even transfer of power.


  • Rubber: Integrated nylon ply reinforced neoprene tube
  • Configurations: Single, dual and split configurations
  • Friction material: Standard, Lo-Co, Hi-Co and cork friction linings
  • Standard sizes: 3FK150, 4FK200, 6FK200, 8FK250, 10FK300, 12FK350, 14FK400, 16FK500, 18FK500, 20FK500, 22FK500, 24FK500, 26FK525, 28FK525, 30FK525, 32FK525, 36FK525, 40FK525
  • Industry applications: Can manufacturing, commercial laundry equipment, metal forming, drilling equipment, printing machines, rubber processing, tyre manufacturing, textile machinery
  • Interchangeability: Equal to Eaton Airflex® Type CB units

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