Type FM

The FM is designed and manufactured for marine applications, mainly for use on diesel-driven reduction gears. In addition to its robust construction utilizing an integral rim and tube design, the FM‘s ventilated friction shoes and as-moulded linings allow for clutch slippage during forward and reverse maneouvering at low speeds, as well as periodic cycling engagements at high speeds.


  • Dynamically balanced: Meets ISO G16 standard, minimizing engine room vibrations
  • Rubber: Integrated nylon ply reinforced neoprene air tube
  • Ventilated friction shoes: Promotes air flow for rapid heat dissipation
  • Rim registration: A continuous registering around the rim assembly
  • Configurations: Single, dual, and triple assemblies
  • Friction material: Standard, Lo-Co, Hi-Co and cork friction linings
  • Standard sizes: 26FM475, 30FM500, 35FM500, 40FM550, 48FM650
  • Industry applications: Marine propulsion
  • Certification: ABS Type Approval , ABS PDA Approval
  • Interchangeability: Equal to Eaton Airflex® Type CM units

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