For clutches, couplings, QRVs and PTOs

We know time is money, and that's why we supply parts that will match and exceed those of our competitors in terms of speed of delivery as well as interchangeability, price and quality. We manufacture interchangeable replacement clutch and brake elements and parts for a variety of oilfield, marine, mining and industrial applications. With our parts, you can rest comfortably, knowing that it's a 100% seamless drop-in replacement for the original part in every detail and specification. We supply direct replacement parts for the following brands and associated product lines.

Eaton Airflex® / Fawick®

Airflex® CB Constricting Clutches and Brakes
Airflex® VC Constricting Clutches and Brakes
Airflex® CM Constricting Marine Clutches and Brakes
Airflex® ER Expanding Clutches and Brakes
Airflex® EB Expanding Clutches and Brakes
Airflex® E Expanding Clutches and brakes
Airflex® WCB, WCB2 & WCBD Water Cooled Brakes
Airflex® Rotorseals
Airflex® Quick Release Valves

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B7B-MR Marine Clutches
B7B-MR Marine Drums

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Haley® Marine Gears

TB Series Clutch
TR Torsionally Resilient Clutch
HEZ Series Coupling

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Twin Disc®

PO Air Clutches
Mechanical PTO

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EZ Highly Flexible Couplings Elements
EZ-S Highly Flexible Coupling Elements

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Wichita Clutch®

Type LI – Low Inertia Clutches and Brakes
Type SV – Standard Ventilated Clutches and Brakes
Type ATD – Air Tube Disc clutches and Brakes
Type WCBam – Water Cooled Brake

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WPT Power Corporation®

Water Cooled Brakes
Mechanical PTO
Power Grip – PO Clutch
Power Grip – Ventilated Clutch
Low Inertia Brake
Low Inertia Clutch

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