A hydraulic active rotor brake with a braking force of 55 kN that’s been specially developed for use in damp, dusty and corrosive working environments.


  • Brake hydraulically applied
  • Braking force 55 kN
  • Large brake pad area and lower brake disc temperature for extended brake pad life
  • Small airgap between brake pad and disc for quick response times and fast braking
  • Sinter brake pad, suitable for high speed or high torque braking occasions
  • Floating axles
  • Easy mounting, using just 4 x M20 fixings for reduced installation costs
  • Drain ports for hydraulic oil leakage, preventing oil getting onto the brake disc, for added safety
  • Easy to install and maintain with very few moving parts, easily removable pads and pad holders
  • Suitable for damp, dusty and corrosive working environments
  • Working temperature range down to -40 °C


  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Brake pad with different material
  • Brake pad wear and on/off indicator
  • Temperature sensor

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