A passive yaw sliding bearing with  a robust yet simple design that guarantees optimum performance throughout the life of the turbine.

As few components are needed, this bearing is reliable and virtually maintenance free, so there’s less need for outages or downtime.  Brake torque is applied continuously and the system slides on the yaw bearing, so you don’t need an additional brake disc.

The brake torque is mainly dependent on surface pressure and friction coefficient, so variations can be built in during the design process. 


  • Fully closed passive brake system
  • Special epoxy resin pads
  • Minimum / maximum working temperature -40 / +70 °C

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Shaping the future – a passive market

“Time and time again, we’ve shown how our customers’ individual needs have inspired us to develop innovative solutions and bring them to market. But what if the conditions of an entire market change? Well, we handle it in exactly the same way. If you can read market indicators, then we’ll soon agree on one thing,  the future of our industry is ‘passive’.  And we won’t sit back, that’s not in our nature – we’ve made a clear commitment to the development of effective and purposeful technologies to meet these changing market needs. This is no secret but reality, at least as far as we are concerned.

Kai Kölker, Vice President and Head of Wind Division


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