Type LT

The LT is similar in design and construction to both the FK and FKT. It can be used for a wide variety of power transmission applications in the drilling industry on equipment manufactured in China, Russia, and Romania.


  • Rubber: Nylon ply reinforced neoprene air tube
  • Friction material: Standard, Lo-Co, Hi-Co and cork friction linings
  • Standard sizes: LT300/100, LT500/125, LT600/125, LT700/200, LT800/135, LT500/250T, LT700/250T, LT700/135DY, LT800/250T, LT800/250T, LT900/250T, LT965/305T, LT1070/250T,  LT1168/305T, LT1170/250T,
  • Industry applications: Oilfield drilling equipment
  • Interchangeability: Clutches and brakes f/  JC40, JC50, JC60, JC70  Drawworks Lanzhou LS ® , Honghua, ® Upetrom ®

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