Mill brakes

Mill brakes

Dellner Brakes is a leading provider of brakes and related power transmission products such as mill brakes for grinding mills or brakes for steel mills and much more.

If you are looking for mill brakes we can mention the Type FKT (VC), which belongs to the group of constricting air clutches and brakes. It was designed principally for high torque/high thermal capacity applications. Allowing greater volumes of air flow across the length of the shoe reduces heat and with that lengthens the operating life of the actuator tube and clutch. Every component in this product can be replaced, which makes it easy to rebuild. Mill brakes is only one of the many uses for the FKT clutch. Another example of a product related to mills is the SKP brake that among other things is used for heavy lifting equipment in steel mills. These examples are two very versatile products that are used in many other fields as well, and they can be found hard at work all over the world.

Mill brakes from Dellner Brakes

Do not hesitate to contact us at Dellner Brakes if you are looking for mill brakes that can be completely adapted to your needs. We have a large range of products within this field and a strong reputation for technical innovation that stretches back more than 50 years. This experience and expertise is built into everything we do, from large systems down to the smallest component.

We value our customers and therefore offer a complete range of services for mill brakes, which includes consultation to establish exact requirements, close contact while planning, on site installation and full support and training that continues after the sale has been completed.

If you want to know more about mill brakes or our other products, you can have a look at our brochure (pdf) to learn more about what we do at Dellner Brakes.

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