Pressure supply units

We offer three types of pressure supply unit, from powerful hydraulic solutions to a manual hand pump. We can also design and produce customised pressure supply units on request.

Hydraulic power packs

Our hydraulic power packs deliver pressure up to 200 bar and can be delivered with optional hydraulic cabinets and electrical terminal boxes. The electrical terminal boxes can be delivered with various options including quick connectors and/or assist contacts and marine-approved cables.

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DH 2100
  • ‘On/off’ unit with optional accumulator
DH 2200
  • Optional 'separate' function for pressuring two units individually and independently
  • Additional accumulator, hand pump and pressure switch options
DH 2300

  • Proportional valves for controlled braking through a programmed braking curve
  • Optional programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Additional accumulator and hand pump options
DH 2400
  • Double control valves for critical safety applications such as overhead cranes
  • Additional accumulator, hand pump, pressure switches and filter options


Compactus is a pneumatically operated hydraulic pump system that ensures there is sufficient hydraulic pressure to operate disc brakes at the rated capacity. The unit is supplied in an enclosed cabinet. It’s easy to use – just plug in the inlet air, the hydraulic brake or brake control piping and the electrical signal cables and you’re ready to go.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Valve controlled, two way hydraulic plunger pump
  • Pneumatic pressure regulator with filter unit and shut off valves
  • Automatic stroke reversal using a direct mounted, self piloted 4/2 way valve
  • Pump restarts automatically as soon as hydraulic pressure drops, to maintain constant pressure
  • Up to 200 bar hydraulic pressure
  • Intensification ratio: 1:44
  • Optional manual control valves available for controlling different brakes individually
  • Optional pressure switches and adjustable braking time unit

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Hand pump

Our hand pump can be used to simply activate the Dellner brake calipers. It also acts as a back up system for the primary pressure supply system.

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