Rotorseals and quick release valves


Our Gummi USA-branded rotorseals allow the passage of a variety of mediums, ranging from pressurized air to hydraulic fluids, originating from a stationary source, such as a pneumatic tank, to a rotating piece of equipment. We supply a wide range of styles and sizes of rotorseal manufactured by Deublin ®, which can be found in a diverse range of applications and industries worldwide.


  • Configuration: Single, dual and triple passage
  • Industry applications: Marine, oilfield, mining, pulp and paper, textiles, can making, sugar processing, commercial washing machines
  • Also known as: Rotary swivels, rotating unions, rotary couplings, rotary joints
  • Interchangeability:  Equal to Eaton Airflex ®  Types  AA2, B2, B3, C2, ¾ RH, 1 RH, 1 ¼ RH, 1 ½ RH, BD, FDA, BTA

Quick release valve

An inline, three-way valve used in applications that need an immediate release of air pressure at or near the end of the clutch or braking cycle. This design allows the valve to close automatically when pressure is applied to the clutch or brake. It then opens automatically to release air generated by the subsequent pneumatic supply line drop in pressure. This immediate release of air from the clutch or brake results in a significant reduction of lag time. We are pleased to offer a variety of QRV styles and sizes to accommodate a wide range of clutch and brake configurations.


  • Configuration: Spring and plunger or diaphragm type
  •  Accessories:  Mufflers are available to reduce noise during air exhaust
  •  Sizes:  3/8”, ½”, ¾”, 1”
  • Interchangeability:  Equal to Eaton Airflex ® Types Quick Release Valves (QRV)

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