Gummi manufactured and supplied rotorseals are specially crafted mechanical elements which can transfer various mediums (hydraulic fluid, air, steam) from a stationary source, such a pneumatic air tank, to a rotating piece of equipment.  Since most pneumatic drum and disc clutches operate through the shaft air supply, our full line of rotorseals cover a majority of the clutch and brake applications, regardless of industry.


  • Configuration: Single, Dual and Triple Passage
  • Industry Applications: Marine, Oilfield, Mining, Pulp Paper, Textile, Can Making, Sugar Processing, Commercial Washing Machine
  • Also Known As: Rotary Swivels, Rotating Unions, Rotary Couplings, Rotary Joint
  • Interchangeability:  Equal to Eaton Airflex ®  Types  AA2, B2, B3, C2, ¾ RH, 1 RH, 1 ¼ RH, 1 ½ RH, BD, FDA, BTA

Member Of Dellner Group