Service pads

A range of sideliners, and pistons with JHS-1604 brake pads.


  • Stick-slip free running
  • No adhesive friction
  • Emergency operation qualities (brake disc remain undamaged when brake pads are worn) 
  • No corrosion prevention needed
  • 75% lighter in weight than  conventional brake pads)
  • Resistant against leaking oils and grease

Chemical resistance

    • The JHS-1604 brake pads have a high resistance to corrosive media
    • Suitability for other chemicals and media should be determined experimentally according to, for example, DIN50905 or ASTM D543


    • JHS-1604 is a composite material for yaw brakes
    • The supporting layer consists of glass-fibre reinforced epoxy resin, the sliding layer is composed of a compound of epoxy resin, filled with a combination of different solid lubrications and brake additives
    • The glass-fibre reinforced supporting layer in combination with the sliding layer applied by a specific casting process, leads to very high stability characteristics and high load capacity and offers very good tribological characteristics with low wear

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