Svendborg brakes

Svendborg brakes

Dellner Brakes is a world-leading provider of brakes and related power transmission products, and with over 50 years of experience that has given us a strong reputation for technical innovation, we can happily offer you a range of products that can be used interchangeably with the products of Svendborg Brakes. Here at Dellner Brakes we manufacture precision designed products for the industrial and marine markets, that are solid alternatives to Svendborg brakes, as we are a leading supplier in this field. Our products can be found all over the world in marine propulsion, dredging, oil and gas drilling, mining, quarrying, renewables, forestry, heavy lifting, general industry and pulp/paper manufacture, to mention a few, and we can offer everything from replacement parts, off the shelf products to fully custom built systems.

Svendborg Brakes interchangeability at Dellner Brakes

Our customers mean a lot to us, and for that reason we offer a complete range of services with our products, which includes consultation to establish exact requirements, close contact while planning, on site installation and full support and training that continues after the sale has been completed.

It is important to have interchangeability with Svendborg Brakes and other brands, because being able to use Dellner’s brakes as an alternative to the Svendborg brakes can make it easier to get hold of the right product quickly. We know very well how important a speedy delivery can be, which is why we have strategically located warehouses and a global network of dedicated contractors and distributors working together to ship components and spare parts anywhere in the world in just 24 hours.

Do not hesitate to contact us at Dellner Brakes if you want to know more about the interchangeability between our brakes and the Svendborg brakes.

If you want to know more about our products, you can also have a look at our brochure (pdf), and find out more about what we do at Dellner Brakes.

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